The Best Stretch Mark Removal Methods

Eyes may be the windows to the proverbial soul, but skin is the house and when you are thinking of having guests over to the “house”, you want your real estate looking show quality. Blemishes of every kind can be a bummer, but stretch marks come with their own unique sort of buzz kill. These types of scars (yes stretch marks are scars, just deep within in the skin as opposed to “on” the skin) can move into your “house” unexpectedly at various stages of your life: in your adolescent years as you endure growth spurts, during pregnancy or any rapid weight gain or loss, after getting surgical implants of any variety, when hitting a bodybuilding or muscle enhancing (see regimen too hard, and while going through any sort of steroidal therapy.

Concealing stretch marks with a coat of paint like self-tanners or body make-up only holds up for so long so most people look into how to evict these discolored little buggers from their epidermal property. Now the best stretch mark removal methods or even the best stretch mark removal creams online currently available cannot in any way completely make your stretch marks disappear, but they may be able to bring down the visibility level of them. Some companies state they have the best stretch mark removal cream online, only to misinform the consumer about the product capabilities and provide false hope of product performance. Don’t be fooled by these advertising claims.

Medical procedures used to address stretch marks include surgery, dermabrasion, and laser therapy for the most part. Some doctors and spas use chemical peels, but those really aren’t as popular as the aforementioned methods. Laser therapy is the big daddy right now with a going rate of about $200-$500 a session and it requires at least 8-10 sessions, depending on the extent of your stretch mark scars, to see any results. The outcome varies person to person, as do side effects of possible burning or further discoloration of the skin.

The most popular non-medical option of managing stretch marks is on your own with a stretch mark cream. The best stretch mark creams online can range in price from $15-$150 depending on where you shop and what you are looking for. The best stretch mark creams usually note on their packaging that they are clinically proven. When browsing for a product you should read the packaging closely and make sure they don’t just say “clinically tested”, as that and “clinically proven” are two different animals. “Proven” means positive results occurred, whereas just “tested” stretch mark cream may not have gotten any remarkable results at all in the reduction of stretch marks.

The best stretch mark creams have to be used as directed and there is generally a commitment of a few months of use before you will see the kind of results they purport to give. Research them well, and check online reviews to see which products would work in your skin care regimen.

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