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Finding the best scar creams for removal

When exploring the best scar removal creams online, one needs to be thorough and a little bit skeptical as even the best scar creams may fall short of consumer expectations. Complete scar removal can really only occur if you remove the skin area that the scar has staked its claim on. Surgical measures would have to be employed to achieve such a thing, and even then there would be another scar as a result of that surgery, albeit probably smaller and less visible.

Finding the best scar creams for removal, or reduction of appearance if you will, can be a tad overwhelming from the start as every manufacturer makes a good case for their products, but word of mouth by actual consumers is a good place to start investigating. Online forums and product review sites offer up a lot of information for you to wade through, and sometimes it’s a daunting task but if you are patient, you may find out what the best scar creams really do have to offer you and which products are basically a money pit.

No matter which scar cream you purchase, you will have to invest time and money into them. Nothing works overnight and some products require multiple applications on a daily basis. You can’t be lazy if you want to get real results; you have to get into an almost obsessive routine if you want to make a difference in how your scar looks.

Scar cream ingredients vary, but no one can dispute that the products made with silicone as the star of their formulation seem to be the cream of the crop – the higher the silicone content, the better. Silicone products are gentle and form a safe and protecting layer over a scar, guarding it from germs and anything else that may affect the healing process. This layer also provides an environment that can soften and flatten the appearance of the scar, and it also can reduce the visible discoloration so the scar blends in with other skin in a more favorable manner. Consumers should look for silicone products that dry quickly so you can apply sunscreen atop them, but there are also scar products that include sunscreen in their formulas already.

Products that contain 100% silicone ingredients are applicable to many scar types and have worked wonders for keloid and hypertrophic scarring.