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The Best Stretch Mark Removal Methods

Eyes may be the windows to the proverbial soul, but skin is the house and when you are thinking of having guests over to the “house”, you want your real estate looking show quality. Blemishes of every kind can be a bummer, but stretch marks come with their own unique sort of buzz kill. These types of scars (yes stretch marks are scars, just deep within in the skin as opposed to “on” the skin) can move into your “house” unexpectedly at various stages of your life: in your adolescent years as you endure growth spurts, during pregnancy or any rapid weight gain or loss, after getting surgical implants of any variety, when hitting a bodybuilding or muscle enhancing (see http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/fitness/in-depth/performance-enhancing-drugs/art-20046134) regimen too hard, and while going through any sort of steroidal therapy.

Concealing stretch marks with a coat of paint like self-tanners or body make-up only holds up for so long so most people look into how to evict these discolored little buggers from their epidermal property. Now the best stretch mark removal methods or even the best stretch mark removal creams online currently available cannot in any way completely make your stretch marks disappear, but they may be able to bring down the visibility level of them. Some companies state they have the best stretch mark removal cream online, only to misinform the consumer about the product capabilities and provide false hope of product performance. Don’t be fooled by these advertising claims.

Medical procedures used to address stretch marks include surgery, dermabrasion, and laser therapy for the most part. Some doctors and spas use chemical peels, but those really aren’t as popular as the aforementioned methods. Laser therapy is the big daddy right now with a going rate of about $200-$500 a session and it requires at least 8-10 sessions, depending on the extent of your stretch mark scars, to see any results. The outcome varies person to person, as do side effects of possible burning or further discoloration of the skin.

The most popular non-medical option of managing stretch marks is on your own with a stretch mark cream. The best stretch mark creams online can range in price from $15-$150 depending on where you shop and what you are looking for. The best stretch mark creams usually note on their packaging that they are clinically proven. When browsing for a product you should read the packaging closely and make sure they don’t just say “clinically tested”, as that and “clinically proven” are two different animals. “Proven” means positive results occurred, whereas just “tested” stretch mark cream may not have gotten any remarkable results at all in the reduction of stretch marks.

The best stretch mark creams have to be used as directed and there is generally a commitment of a few months of use before you will see the kind of results they purport to give. Research them well, and check online reviews to see which products would work in your skin care regimen.


Finding the best scar creams for removal

When exploring the best scar removal creams online, one needs to be thorough and a little bit skeptical as even the best scar creams may fall short of consumer expectations. Complete scar removal can really only occur if you remove the skin area that the scar has staked its claim on. Surgical measures would have to be employed to achieve such a thing, and even then there would be another scar as a result of that surgery, albeit probably smaller and less visible.

Finding the best scar creams for removal, or reduction of appearance if you will, can be a tad overwhelming from the start as every manufacturer makes a good case for their products, but word of mouth by actual consumers is a good place to start investigating. Online forums and product review sites offer up a lot of information for you to wade through, and sometimes it’s a daunting task but if you are patient, you may find out what the best scar creams really do have to offer you and which products are basically a money pit.

No matter which scar cream you purchase, you will have to invest time and money into them. Nothing works overnight and some products require multiple applications on a daily basis. You can’t be lazy if you want to get real results; you have to get into an almost obsessive routine if you want to make a difference in how your scar looks.

Scar cream ingredients vary, but no one can dispute that the products made with silicone as the star of their formulation seem to be the cream of the crop – the higher the silicone content, the better. Silicone products are gentle and form a safe and protecting layer over a scar, guarding it from germs and anything else that may affect the healing process. This layer also provides an environment that can soften and flatten the appearance of the scar, and it also can reduce the visible discoloration so the scar blends in with other skin in a more favorable manner. Consumers should look for silicone products that dry quickly so you can apply sunscreen atop them, but there are also scar products that include sunscreen in their formulas already.

Products that contain 100% silicone ingredients are applicable to many scar types and have worked wonders for keloid and hypertrophic scarring.


Best Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite is the most unwanted but inevitable guest to arrive on the female body, and when those fat cells accumulate and present in dimpled clusters on your thighs and butt and wherever else they set up shop, your mind goes into “covert ops” mode to take out this stubborn cosmetic menace. Sure cellulite doesn’t pose any real danger to your survival, but every time you look at it, it’s like being bullied by your own skin.

The best treatments for cellulite vary as not everything works across the board for each individual, and really you can only hope for some modification of the appearance of cellulite because there is no sure shot solution to completely getting rid of it at this juncture in scientific discoveries. Many go searching for the best cellulite treatment online, scouring the chat forums for what has garnered the best results amongst consumers, as word of mouth is really the most reliable source of information in this day and age, but you can’t always count on a layperson for what will be the best cellulite treatment for you.

Some of the best cellulite treatments are offered by a medical doctor. Some individuals tote that the best cellulite treatments are liposuction and laser therapy. For some these may be expensive and not within their time constraints.

Many people want to acquire any and all ammunition when targeting cellulite, and for those that want to be proactive but not spend ridiculous amounts of money, cellulite wraps are pretty popular. Like every approach to reducing the look and texture of cellulite, these wraps can only temporarily bring about some changes in your skin, so upkeep is mandatory if you expect to get consistent results. It’s suggested to maintain a low-fat and sensible diet in conjunction with some form of regular exercise to get the maximum effect from wraps, but that’s a fair assessment for most regimens employed for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Wraps are often soaked in various oils and seaweed and it is believed that the wraps draw out toxins and push fat cells away from the top layer of skin so there are less bumps in the road, if you will. They are applied nearly anywhere you want on your body that you want to firm and tone, even on the neck, and many report they lose inches every time they do a session of at least 30 minutes or more. Wraps can be done at salons, spas, and even at home nowadays, but they still haven’t replaced the best cellulite approach you can do on your own: a cellulite cream.

A cellulite cream gets a bad reputation because of the many products that are worthless and improperly marketed, but believe it or not there are quite a few products that have been clinically tested and proven to get good results in firming up and smoothing out the look and feel of cellulite-ridden skin. Don’t count topical cellulite products out just because a few don’t work, and remember you have to use them properly and with dedication to get an optimum outcome.